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By submitting your event for our local event calendar, you gain exposure for your event in relevant search results. Event ads are prominently displayed separate from search results to provide additional exposure for your event. Event ads can also be used to promote venues and performers in the local events calendar.

Sample: Event Ads

Event Ads
Starting at $1.00 per day

With the following features, event ads make it even easier to find your event, venue or performer details in the local event calendar:

  • You choose where your event will display. Event ads can display on calendar system home page, on search results pages by matching keywords or on event category pages — or all three if you choose. The form that follows allows you to select the options that meet your needs and calculates the associated costs before you complete the process.
  • Use the configurable Web link to direct calendar users to your event detail page in the calendar system or your Website
  • Event ads include a headline, a description and an option image to promote your event
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